In high school, I took a black-and-white photo class that started my love for photography. In a fast-paced world, I enjoy slowing down and capturing moments that matter. 

I enjoy shooting people and all owing them to feel comfortable and confident with themselves. As someone who felt uncomfortable being photographed in the past,I aspired to become a presence behind the lens that allowed the subject to be their authentic self without fear. I believe that everybody is beautiful and the best way to draw that out is to capture those moments in time on film!
I am a film photographer. My go-to camera when traveling is my 35mm Nikon from my great aunt. Most of the time it has black and white film, but I also enjoy shooting in color. As a world traveler, I enjoy taking images of the people and places I visit to let the beauty speak for itself.
My work is all about letting You be You. I predominantly use light and shadow to find the best shots. With Alyssa Rachel ART, I want you to let yourself shine!
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